Bryan Metzger and Purrfect Pawtrait
Cincinnati Pet Photographer

I’m Bryan Metzger, owner of Bryan Metzger Photo and Purrfect Pawtrait. Photography has always been a hobby of mine. The majority of my career life was devoted to the automotive business. It first started with sales, then finance, then management. At one point I oversaw productivity for 26 dealerships across the nation which brought me to the point of owning my own dealership. Throughout the process of building my own business I realized how cost effective it would be if I studied and learned graphic design rather than hiring a team. Building my own website using my images from my photography hobby. Creating successful advertising campaigns with the same images. Designing and implementing customer relation management programs to ensure a satisfied customer every time. This was a long process that my two Bulldogs, Rufus and Rocco, accompanied me to its entirety. Whether at my feet, in a chair next to me, or in my lap they endured the same amount of computer screen time. I learned a lot of things that enhanced my photography work but never thought of it as a career. Sure I had scheduled shoots but my main business took the majority of my time.
BEM-1275Rufus suffered an unexpected battle with cancer at the young age of 7. It was a rollercoaster ride of events. He is Ok, he’s not Ok, the biopsy came back fine, we need to start radiation out of town. The ups and downs took their toll and me and resulted in the sale of my company. We ended up losing Rufus and I continued on in the automotive business while Photographing choice events part time for fun. Looking back on all my personal blog posts, emails, and social media accounts I realized that when speaking of photography I always used the phrase “for fun”.

2013 and I still did not feel better about the time spent with Rufus after consuming myself with work. I wouldn’t allow myself to have the same regrets with Rocco. We also added a recent addition to our family, my daughter, Harper Willow Metzger. I wanted to be home more with my wife, Gabrielle, my daughter Harper, and the famous Bulldog Rocco.

I, the compulsive work-a-holic, will subject myself to 100 hour work weeks no matter what I do. Then it came to me, if I’m going to work those hours… find a way to do from home. My photography business has picked up enough to pursue full time and the countless hours spent editing and processing images can be completed right next to Gabe, Harper, and Rocco.

Combining my 3 loves of family, dogs, and photography into a career is exhilarating. You will see it when you work with me. Which is why Bryan Metzger Photo released Purrfect Pawtrait, a Cincinnati Pet Photography Business.

Bryan Factoids:

  • I was first introduced to Photography when a friend took professional photos of my car. The results were amazing and I could no longer justify only photographing with my point and shoot camera or cell phone. I actually purchased his camera.
  • My brother, Kevin Metzger, now has the same obsession and has joined the Purrfect Pawtrait Pawtographer team.
  • If you’re wondering the almighty question of what gear Bryan Metzger prefers, it is Nikon. He shoots with a Nikon D600 primarily and a wide variety of Nikon/Nikkor and Tokina lens’.
  • I grew up with dogs. My first friend was Catie, an Irish Setter. I should probably apologize for trying to ride her, even as a senior.
  • My Mother painted landscape oil paintings growing up which explains my creativity. She also painted a Michael Jordan action portrait for my birthday, which I still have.
  • I play soccer 4 nights a week as long as it does not interfere with a clients schedule.
  • I may have a man crush on David Beckham
  • I am an apple enthusiast and can offer great advice and solutions. Currently I use a MacBook Pro, Airport Extreme, Apple TV, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad, and several iMac’s
  • I am all over the social networks. You can follow Bryan Metzger Photo on facebook, Instagram , or linkedin. I am also on Flickr and have a personal blog. You can tweet with @BryanEMetzger or even Rocco @BulliedDog, be careful he has an odd personality. Somehow Rocco also started a blog in regards to his life with his sister. You can view it on tumblr.


Bryan Metzger Photo is available for all Photography non pet related

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