Purrfect Pawtrait
Cincinnati Commercial Pet Photography Models

Does your pet have the look? Does your pet enjoy being the center of attention when modeling? Purrfect Pawtrait is currently looking for models to add to our database for our portfolio and commercial use. As far as I am concerned Rocco is the best model I could have (see above in the bus advertising campaign) but some commercial clients prefer a different look. Below is a list of current models that we are looking to add to our database.

  • 2 Dogs of the Same Breed
  • Large Breed (Mastiff / Dane)
  • Cats (allowed outdoors)
  • English / French Bulldogs
  • Dogs that Exercise with Mom or Dad
  • Pets with an Interesting Backyard or Playhouse
  • The Odd Couple (tall and short)
  • Digging Dogs
  • Pets with Unusual Tricks
  • Birds and reptiles
  • Funny / Quirky Talents

If you believe that you have these traits or a trait that we would be interested in please submit our application. Commercial Models recieve the following:

  • Complimentary waived session fee
  • No minimum purchase requirements
  • Ability to purchase products

Keep in mind that the resulting images could end up on a website, brochures, pet food, stock photography, or even a bus!

6 thoughts

  1. Hi. I have a Scottish Fold kitten. His name is Scotty. He is 3 months old. He beautiful. Everyone falls In love with him. He is something special. I think he would make a great kitten/cat model.
    I would love to send pictures of him.

  2. I have an English bulldog who is very photogenic and has such a unique personality words cannot describe
    him. Tank is definitely worth looking at and photographing.

  3. I have an 8 week old Fawnlequin male Great Dane named Kado. He has absolutely beautiful markings and poses perfectly for pictures

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